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Trinnity Aromatics provides pure & natural essential oils which are one of the best in industry.

All our essential oils are first extract and cold pressed, therefore the therapeutic and medicinal properties are kept intact. Aroma therapist uses these oils to balance mind, body and soul. First grade essential oils are far superior in aroma, purity and potency. Trinnity Aromatics has put together a wide range of ‘first grade’ essential oils. Available in 10ml colour glass dropper bottle and 1 Kg in aluminium bottle. Products are packed in multi layers of protective packing and shipped across the globe. some of them are listed below

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  • Basil - Oil is extracted from the leaves. Helpful in fever, cold, cough.
  • Bergamot - Oil is extracted from the peel of fruit. Helpful in cold sores, oily spotty skin, cystitis. Don’t use neat on skin.
  • Chamomile - Oil is extracted from the flowers. Helpful in conjunctivitis, aches and pains, dermatitis, minor skin infections, insomnia.
  • Clary Sage - Oil is extracted from flowers and leaves of plant. Helpful in irregular painful periods, depression, sore throat, fungal infection, hot flushes of the menopause.
  • Cedar Wood - Oil is extracted from the wood . Helpful in oily skin conditions, scalp disorders, as antiseptic.
  • Eucalyptus - Oil is extracted from leaves. Helpful in cold, sinus problem, sore throat, muscular aches and pains, flu.
  • Frankincense - Oil is distilled from the gum produced by bark of tree. Helpful in emotional problems, in anger and irritability, soothes grief.
  • Fennel - Oil is extracted from seeds, roots and leaves. Helpful in flatulence, fluid retention, nausea, hiccoughs.
  • Geranium - Oil is extracted from all parts of the plants. Helpful in dry eczema, dermatitis, menopausal bleeding, sluggish skin, tension, anxiety.
  • Juniper - Oil is extracted from berries. Helpful in period pains, stress, anxiety, acne, poor blood circulation, water retention, cellulite.
  • Jasmine - Oil is extracted from flowers. Helpful in nervous exhaustion, period pain, dry skin.
  • Lavender - Oil is extracted from flowers. Helpful in acne, spotty skin, insect bites and stings, boils, burns, sun burns, muscular pains, depression.
  • Lemon - Oil is extracted from rind of the fruit. Helpful in chill blains, cold sores, mouth ulcers, insect bites and stings
  • Orange - Oil is extracted from the peel of fruit. The essential oil is often called neroli. Helpful in sensitive skin, diarrhoea, fear, depression.
  • Peppermint - Oil is extracted from leaves and flowers. Helpful in migraine, heartburn and indigestion, aching feet, sinus, colds, clears the mind and helps in concentration.
  • Rose - Oil is extracted from flowers. Helpful in depression, irregular periods, dehydrated mature skin, insomnia.
  • Rosemary - Oil is extracted from the flowers. Helpful in respiratory problems, arthritis, congestive headaches, constipation, depression, an excellent memory aid.
  • Patchouli - Oil is extracted from the new tender leaves. Helpful in cracked skin, acne, reducing scar tissue, varicose veins, sooths emotions, calms overactive mind.
  • Sandalwood - Oil is extracted from wood of the plant. Helpful in stress, tension, dry cough, dry skin, vomiting, urinary infections, cystitis, haemorrhoids, varicose veins
  • Tea tree - Oils is extracted from leaves of plant. An excellent antiseptic. Helpful in athlete foot, boils, cuts, sore throat.
  • Vetivert - Oil is extracted from the roots. Helpful in stress, tired aching legs, stiff neck.
  • Ylang Ylang - Oil is extracted from the flowers. Helpful in depression and nervous tension, insomnia, panic, fear, depression, spotty skin, high blood pressure.