Welcome To Trinnity AromaticsLoveliness Producers

Trinnity Aromatics is a dynamic enterprise providing you with unique and pure skin care products, essential oils, fragrances and home décor products. With the help of our market research and customer feedback the products are available across geographical boundaries.

Trinnity Aromatics was established in 2009 by team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge about Essential oils & their therapeutic properties. It was incorporated to provide pure essential oils, candles and fragrances for a holistic therapeutic experience. Simultaneously it was observed and analyzed that the market is filled with chemical based cosmetics which can be harmful for skin. Trinnity Aromatics introduced natural extracts based skin care products which are manufactured using natural and pure ingredients, which are selected carefully to pamper your skin and senses and to keep them healthy. These wellness products render a spa like and holistic experience since essential oils and aloe-vera are extensively used in our products.

Being based in the National capital region of India has helped us to keep a tab on the evolving taste and preferences of consumers and provide the market with a unique blend of products. All research, development, packaging, marketing and distribution are done in-house, allowing TRINNITY AROMATICS to control every step of the process, from shipment to customer satisfaction.